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The old town of San Terenzo is located on the eastern edge of the gulf of La Spezia at around one km from the Baia Blu residence. The stunning square tower and castle can be seen on its rocky cape, under a cool cascade of olive trees. Below this is the old village, with the 17th-century parish church of Santa Maria and inside, canvases attributed to Fiasella, a fine wooden cross and the 16th-century Madonna della Pena. San Terenzo was already a popular tourist destination in the early 1800s, as can be seen from the words of Mary Shelley, describing her stay, with her husband in the modern-day Villa Magni, not far from the centre of the village. “the beauty of the landscape that surrounded us was indescribable,” she wrote. Further along the seafront is Villa Marigola, once home to the noble Magni Griffi family, who hosted the Empress of Germany here in the early 1900s. Next to this home, described by Soldati as “splendid and grandiose, with the most beautiful views of the Gulf”, is the Golf Club and the “Venere azzurra” sports centre with pool and tennis court, situated among the olive groves, in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside. Skirting the beaches, you will come to Lerici, home to the Municipal Council. The Lerici walk, which centres around the recently renovated Piazza Garibaldi, overlooks the port and ends under the imposing castle. From the square, with its surrounding 18th-century palazzo and the characteristic “carrugi”, dark little streets filled with shops and restaurants. In one corner is the church of San Rocco, with its baroque front and 14th-century bell tower. Continuing along Via Petriccioli or taking the archway from Piazza Garibaldi (pedestrian route) will take you to the crossroads for the bays of Maralunga, Maramozza, and Fiascherino, as well as the enchanting village of Tellaro. Other villages: small villages such as Serra and Solaro nestle in the olive groves, standing out along this marvellous coastline, between the sea and sky. Further on is the park of Monte Marcello and the characteristic village on a hillside when, on a clear day, it is possible to see the coast as far as Versilia.