Welcome to the tourist residence Baia Blu!


The splendid bay of Baia Blu is one of the most characteristic in the Region, sits between Punta Santa Teresa and Punta Galera. Those walking here will find Punta Santa Teresa, named after the Fort which dominates it, to their right. Punta Galera, on the left, is overlooked by the steep slope of Falconara. The Baia Blu’s beach was known as Ciappara and Punta del Ciapparo or Chiapparo, now known as Punta Galera. Ciappara beach takes its name from the local dialect, "ciapa", which comes from the Latin word "Clapea" or "Stone slab". The sandy beach is part public, public with facilities and part private, with all of the services provided by "La Baia Blu". The glimmering lights and colours of the sea offer the promise of a fantastic holiday at Residence Baia Blu RTA, the ideal place for relaxation and also for enjoying some of the many activities on offer.